Ouch….finally stung!

My apologies for not posting for some time; I got caught up in the beginning-of-the-school-year-teacher schedule!

I do have news….I finally received my first full-on honey bee stings and it hurt. I was rushing to get to school and was running late. My husband offered to help me by giving the ladies a jar of sugarsyrup.

When he returned from the hive, he stated, “Boy, your ladies are feisty this morning. There were so many of them buzzing me angrily so I just set the half-empty jar that I removed from the hive on the Adirondack chair in the yard, ok?”

“No, that is not ok!” I replied, with attitude my husband reflected. I explained to him that if you leave a jar of sugarsyrup, with a lid covered with small holes, near the hive it will attract honey-robbers (bees from other hives, hornets, bumblebees, etc.) Geez! So I marched right out, with attitude he reported once again, and grabbed the jar that was still covered with a handful of bees. I tucked my free hand behind my back and gave the jar a quick hard shake to dislodge the bees. A number of bees tumbled off, buzzing that I-am-really-really-angry buzz. Before I had the opportunity to give the jar another shake, I began to feel little jabs of pain on the arm that I tucked behind my back and another jab underneath my arm. They snuck around behind me to retaliate! I don’t think that I mentioned that when I marched out of the house I did not don a hat/veil or gloves. Perhaps marching out of the house, with attitude, prevented me from thinking clearly!

So what did I do? I did not go back to the house to get the appropriate accessories for safe beekeeping, no I did not. But rather, I left the stupid jar in the yard and went to work. Ok, so I do have to mention that as I drove to work I imagined that my face was feeling itchy and that I was having difficulty swallowing.

Quite dramatic. Of course, I was perfectly fine just making a big deal out of my first three bee stings.