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wow…what is that smell??

I have read that once the bees start bringing in goldenrod pollen, hives take on a new smell. Yep, it is a whole new smell and I might add that it is not such a pleasant odor either! Well, unless you like the gym-bag, locker room, smelly sock aroma. Perhaps it is an acquired smell that beekeepers embrace as evidence of the ladies’ tireless work. I mean no disrespect in regards to their efforts but…. their house stinks. There, I said it out loud. I suppose it does not help that my olfactory system is hypersensitive (according to my husband) to anything that does not smell fresh as spring dew!

While I was composing this post, my mentor called to invite me to join her while she inspects one of her hives that she recently re-queened. So….gotta go, I jump at the chance to see the inner workings of a hive.


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