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Such picky drinkers!

Sippin' from the tea cup!

Sippin’ from the tea cup!

Hello all! I do not know where the weeks go! It has been a bit since my last post. I will update you on the happenings at the hive but first wanted to share my thoughts about providing bees with a water source along with a picture of where the ladies finally decided to partake of their beverage!

Everything that I have read stresses the importance of providing one’s bees with a nearby water source as water is required for the honey-making process. So, because I sensed the urgency in making sure I provided them with water, I moved the very, very, and I mean very, heavy cement birdbath across the yard to its new resting spot in direct line with the entrance to the hive.  I carefully chose rocks on which they might rest and drink, and then filled the birdbath with cold water. Additionally, I placed terra cotta dishes filled with rocks and water on the ground near the birdbath.  I felt like a good beekeeper, making sure that my bees had a nearby source of water.  I never, ever saw one lousy bee take a drink! Sure, they may have visited my watering holes when I wasn’t looking, but I doubt it.  Being the dutiful beekeeper that I am, I moved the very, very, very heavy birdbath (did I mention that it was made of concrete?? And actually, I didn’t move it my husband did!) away from the hive. My mentor, Linnea, swears by placing colorful sponges and/or packing peanuts in her water source so I did the same.

And then I pulled up a chair and waited to see if these picky bees would show some appreciation and frequent their newly-placed watering hole.  They did! So then I noticed them drinking elsewhere as well, see picture below! In a small garden at the bottom of the stairs leading to the entrance of our house, I have a tea cup and saucer on a post that my sister-in-law made for me. It is meant to be a birdfeeder of sorts but I simply place at the edge of the garden for looks. That said,  several days ago I noticed a bee drinking rain water from the tea cup! The next day I found a bee floating in the tea cup so since they seem to like drinking water from a tea cup, I placed a rock in it on which they might rest and sip. Too funny!! So, here is the picture of two bees drinking water from the tea cup. Well you’ll have to look above for the picture since I cannot seem to figure out how to put media where I want it!!


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